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So I get the great and distinguished honor of writing the very first post on the new Death By Party site, Hangover Makeout. Easter is tomorrow and I was going to write a feature on highly detailed hand painted Easter Eggs. After some amount of research (research=google) I came to the conclusion that while I’m sure highly detailed hand painted Easter Eggs take a huge amount of skill and work, I just don’t give a fuck. Seriously, they make for a really boring post.

I know everyone and their mother posts collections of the endless supply of creepy Easter Bunny photos. It would seem that terrorizing children and acid heads with surreal bunny costumes has been an American custom for decades. But hasn’t everyone kind of been there done that? Go to a time waster site for that shit.

I thought about doing a post making fun of Easter in general. Ha ha we paint eggs in order to honor a butchered, mutilated corpse that’s been nailed to a wooden post. But really, isn’t making fun of dead bloody Jesus just about as cliched as making fun of cute baby Jesus coming out of a virgin’s box?

So I decided fuck all of that. I don’t care about Easter, Easter Eggs or Rabbit Suits. What I do care about is the fact that the new season of Game of Thrones is starting tomorrow. THAT makes this Easter something pretty special. So in honor of this very special day, I am posting some of my favorite Hipster Game of Throne memes off of… hipstergameofthrones.tumblr.com.

I try not to get too excited about anything that anyone has ever heard of, but I totally relate because I was into A Songs of Fire and Ice before George RR Martin even started writing them. And while it’s totally mainstream to get excited over the season premiere, I feel like this is an ok exception. After all, it is Easter Sunday.

-Felicia Jackson

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