They’re GrrrrrrAPE

A Bathing Ape Flip Flops
Death by Party | A Bathing Ape Flip Flops

I love impressing people because in reality I have a low self-esteem and if I don’t constantly see approval from others than I drive myself into not wanting to do anything. And that’s not good when you’re a doer. So in order to impress this random couple that walks by my house everyday I decided to shell out 330 dollars and buy them the pink and green camo A Bathing Ape/Island Slipper thong sandals. How cute, I thought, these two would be, the next time they crossed my stoop on a hot summer day. Granted I was a little perplexed when the guy took a liking to the pink and the girl to the green, but at least I don’t have to worry about these complete strangers thinking I’ve never done something good for them. Hopefully someone out there will do something like this for me someday.

By Lou Cervantes

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