It’s Hard To Write On 4:20 Day

Death by Party |Earl Sweatshirt Made My 4:20 Day

I was planning on writing a full in depth, mind blowing and hi-lariously clever music analysis on Earl Sweatshirt. See, Earl here is a child prodigy of hip hop discovered by another (still young) child prodigy Tyler the Creator. I was gonna write about how this kid’s album was delayed being released because he was grounded. Or maybe he was sent off to a boys school or something.

When I sat down, I checked my FB account and realized that it was 4-20-13. Yup. Happy 4:20 day. So I decided to celebrate by celebrating and I celebrate with trees. Many trees. It’s taken me two hours to get this much written. I’ve listened to a butt load of Earl Sweatshirt, I’ve been watching videos, I’ve eaten two containers of old Chinese form the fridge. I’ve eaten two Snickers bars. And I’ve listened to a butt load of Earl Sweatshit.

I’ve decided that I like this kid a lot.

Anyway, it’s now taken me about two hours to write this and I think I’m probably done because I really, really feel done. I’ve also added some extra photos of sweat, stinky weed to the picture set bellow because it’s 420 day.

Thank you and good night. Thank you Earl Sweatshit you are adorable.

-Annette Garcia

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