So Real It Looks Fake

glowing glass skull, bone and skeleton sculptures of Eric Franklin

Death by Party | The Glowing Bones Of Eric Franklin

When I first stumbled across Eric Franklin’s trippy glass bone series, I actually thought it was shitty computer art from the 90’s. You know, those early Photoshop filtered sleek, rounded images that always looked like 3d liquid drawings.

But these bad boys are actually glass sculptures. The glass tubes are melted with a hand torch to give it that organic oozing look they have. Then the bones are filled with ionized neon gasses which make these suckers glow with an eerie otherworldly light.

So throw away your lava lamps, your black lights, your bush league neon Budweiser signs and breakout your pocket book. I’m sure for a few (a bunch) thousand dollars, you could get your hands on one. It would be perfect for a home occult ritual shrine or great complement to your bong collection.

-Kevin Dalton

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