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Kaws Sculpture at 30th Street Station

Death by Party | Kaws Sculpture At 30th St. Station

NYC Vinyl toy artist KAWS is blowing up in a way that you rarely see with artists these days. People are always talking about how it’s impossible to make it as an artist, and it is. But guys like Kaws continue to illustrate the one in a million against all odds that inspires art school kids everywhere to justify blowing daddies tuition money on paint.

Don’t get me wrong, Kaws is that good, his vinyl toy designs masterfully blur the worlds of pop culture, mass consumption merchandise and fine art. They say it only takes one good design to make your bones, and like Shepard Fairey’s Andre the Giant motif, KAWS has found a winner in his Companion design. The Companion has been appearing on various designer toys, clothing, installation & sculpture.

His 16′ KAWS Companion has been making it’s rounds from locale, to locale for a while. Currently it’s found it’s place here in Philadelphia at the 30th Street train station and the locals have been shitting their pants with excitement. I was a little shocked when I heard that PAFA (Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art) had set up the public exhibition with Amtrak. PAFA is famous for being crusty traditionalist academicians.

The placement of the giant KLAWS Companion at the train station is actually pretty brilliant though. The morbid despairing Disney like character sits curled up with his hands covering his face with grief as he resides over the denizens of the station- junkies, crackheads, runaways, lurking pimps, homeless and broken tired commuters. Train Stations  Bus Stations and Subways are where the Disney dream goes to die.

-James Jarvis

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