Wake Up Kitty Cat

Martin Eder's Never Ending Erotic Creepy Cat Nightmare

Death by Party | Martin Eder’s Never Ending Erotic Creepy Cat Nightmare

The general cliche about a creepy cat lady is that she is an old, fat, shut in. A crone cut off from the world with no connections to her fellow humanity who locks out the outside and slowly devolves into a shit stinking madness. People are replaced by felines that eventually over run and destroy the broken woman’s cloistered life.

And for the most part it is.

But I swear to god, I briefly dated someone who (at least on the surface) was a creepy  but hot young cat lady.  I met her at an art gallery. She was in her twenties with long beautiful blonde hair. She had a flawless hard body. She was clean, intelligent, well spoken, educated. She seemed relaxed and had a good sense of humor. We went out on 4 dates. On the third date, I got her to come home with me. She was great in bed but not freaky or kinky or weird. On the 5th date, we went back to her house…

She was a full fledged creepy cat lady. I’m talking over a dozen cats. Shit boxes over flowing. Pet food everywhere. That’s right, an attractive socially connected young creepy cat lady. I know what your’e going to say. “Oh, she must have been a creepy cat lady in training.” “A warning sign of things to come.” NO. She was already a candidate to be on the show Hoarders.  We are talking Animal Control time.

I didn’t stay the night. I couldn’t. The cats were swarming all around me and the smell was horrible. Never called her back and I think she was expecting that response because she never called me either. For

For some reason German Painter Martin Eder’s disturbing creepy cat erotica reminds me of her. Beautiful, sexy, utterly disturbed.

-James Jarvis

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