One And One Are One

Photo Mashups By Artist Trisha Holt

Death by Party | Photo Mashups By Trisha Holt

The world is how we perceive it. Some people see the Empire State Building, other people see a phallic symbol. One thing is for certain everybody sees something, even the blind. In fact, they probably see the coolest stuff.

Photo mash-ups have become big since paper collages went out of style and computers became easier to use. And they work out great if you’re an online dater. As I’ve gotten older my go-to mash-up move is thinning out my chin. Younger women like men with thin faces and thanks to beer and Quaker oats my face is pretty chubby. A lot of the older women online like money, and nothing turns them on more than a thin-faced handsome man in a suit. Or in a Bugatti. Mash-ups make them quite possible. There’s no big deal in fudging an online profile a little bit, it creates a perception in the women I talk too as well as gets me talking to them in the first place. Nine times out of ten they’re wet upon arrival. Who needs to eat dinner anyway on a date, nothing says hot leftover like breakfast in bed.

The goal is to become one with the lonely desperate prancing vixens who frequent their computer for a free dinner or engagement ring. What’s the worse that can happen, we produce a human life form that carries both of our features. The artist Trisha Holt’s installation titled Lovechild exemplifies the relationship between man and woman. In this get-up she combines the attributes of humans to create art just like I tend to collaborate attributes on my photo profiles to create personal pleasure. She even uses actual photos to create her collages. I wonder what mine will look like one day. Probably the Empire State building meets a piping hot volcano. What I do know is that we both share one thing in common, an appreciation for the bare female torso. Hopefully her work gets out there and into the hearts of the general public, for the movement of mash-up art is getting more and more popular especially with the rise of mash-up apps for smart phones and cameras. Stare at the art long enough and you’ll forget about what you’re actually seeing and focus on what you want to see. For the mash-up movement is modern day proof that beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder.

By Lou Cervantes

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