Get In The Ring

Sterling Silver Valium Ring By Cast Of Vices

Death by Party | Sterling Silver Valium Ring By Cast Of Vices

“Your pupils are dilated; you may as well need depression?” I thought as I stared between the lids of a hound-eyed beauty on a rainy night lost at my door with a dripping wet sad basset huffing near her flip-flop covered feet. Unfortunately for me she didn’t notice my Valium ring by Cast of Vices or the fact that I was in possession of what is both good for her and even better for the dog she encountered. I would’ve kept both of them if I didn’t unwittingly stumble into them while trying to convince them to stay. I guess the strategy for next time is to represent my pill-duty as a wedding ring. After all, at the ten-year point, I’m sure the pills necessitate at the precipice of any successful marriage.

By Lou Cervantes

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