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Death by Party | Foxy Shazam: Inner city youth need rock anthems too

The youth of the inner city need all the hope they can get. Times are tough for everybody, especially those that are presented such a huge disadvantage for finding themselves and advancing in this world. Sometimes rap just doesn’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, rap music can be inspirational, but it seldom sounds sincere. It’s more directed at a culture rather than an individual.

Glam rock is some of the most sincere music available today. Every time I hear it I feel like there’s a high-pitched angel in bell-bottoms screaming on my shoulder. And best yet, that angel isn’t screaming at me, he’s screaming for me. Foxy Shazam is one of those glam-studded angels. He’ll get you out of bed during your worst hangover and inspire you to do community service. He’ll light up your darkest alleyways with his voice that shines brighter than the brightest streetlamp. He’ll not only make you wanna live, he’ll make you wanna thrive.

You wonder where Julian, the boy who Mr. Shazam is singing the song ‘Oh Lord’ too, would be if this glam rocker didn’t try to reach out to him with love and support. Whether he be beat boxing on the sidewalk or trying to box his way out of a jail cell nothing would give him a better opportunity to hang out with Shazam’s urban cheerleader inspired glamour girls. They’ve sort of have that Fame I’m gonna live forever vibe going on. As they should, Foxy Shazam is singing them out of the hood and sending them into the hearts of his listener’s ears. Now the hope is that Julian and other inner city youth that have had the luck of being granted a glam rock angel can take his little sprinkles of high-pitched laments and fight off the challenges they face day in and day out.

By Lou Cervantes

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