Nothin’ But A G Thang

Snoop 420 Tee By Huff

Death by Party | Snoop 420 Tee By HUFF

The Chronic provided the soundtrack for much of my early adolescence. I didn’t even know what chronic was back then. I think it was the parental advisory sticker that provided the rush of listening to it on my Walkman during recess. Kids would get in trouble for listening to it at school. Far worse punishments came for the ones that would repeat the lyrics on the playground in the presence of teachers. If the Huf X 420 Snoop tee existed I’m pretty sure I’d be rocking one out back in those days. Now I’m at the age where even Snoop comes off a little vintage. Get funky on the mic like a batch of old collared greens and scoop one up at your nearest e-retailer.

By Lou Cervantes

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