Making Apples Out Of Field Mice

The Taxidermy Art Of Afke Golsteijn And Floris Bakker

Death by Party | The Taxidermy Art Of Afke Golsteijn And Floris Bakker

Every night after the sun sets I leave my den and take a stroll. I love walking; it helps clear out the mind. It garners thought. On my walks I like to collect things to remember my early evenings. Flowers are nice in the springtime, especially bouquets that I pick from people’s plant pots. Dead birds can be pretty, especially dead hummingbirds, but not pigeons. And trash-picking is an art, especially in wealthy neighborhoods. Rich people love leaving nice things on the corner.

When I stumbled upon a lot of the animal hybrid artwork that is popularizing the internet on sites like This Must Be Designed by Idiots I couldn’t help think about what a great idea to make use of all the stuff I find on my walks. The blue jay I found on the street the other day has business tie written all over it, I could only imagine the feeling of comfort it would exude on my daily cold calls. And the severed fox masterpiece harkens to my days of living next to an apple orchard. To think, I could’ve used that bad boy as a bike rack.

As humans we were put on this earth to be hunters and gatherers but industrialization erased the need for the hunting aspect. I feel like my collection is helping to utilize my duty to the human race as a gatherer. These works of art show that gatherers can also have a creative side. I might need to step it up a notch if I want to compete with these artists. Possibly turn my early evening stroll into my evening. Who knows what I’ll find behind a strip mall on trash day. Or what carcass I may stumble upon as I get into my car and decide to foray down country roads during late nights. All I know is that somewhere out there lies a network of artists that share this appreciation for making waste relevant.

By Lou Cervantes

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