Wild Cat Season

Bape Ape sta lepoard spotted sneakers

Death by Party | Bape Ape Sta Lepoard Spotted Sneakers

The Tour Guide told me to sit still. Even though it was an open buggy, the wild leopards licking the passenger tire less than a foot away from me I was assured will not attack unless I move, than the Guide will have to kill the cat, but that’s only after killing me. There is something very stimulating about a dangerous animal being close enough to you that you can feel its heartbeat. It’s almost like having unprotected sex with a complete stranger, you know you shouldn’t be doing it but it’s so tempting not too. That’s the rush you get when wild cats surround you. The closest you can get to this outside your local zoo is nestling your feet in these leopard skinned shoes.

By Lou Cervantes

Photos courtesy of http://littlepornoqueen.tumblr.com

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