I Miss The Suburbs

Death by Party | Ceremony: “Some adult life I’m bound”

After watching this video by Ceremony, I got started thinking about the suburbs.

I grew up in the burbs. Like almost everyone who grows up there, it’s almost impossible to not hate it. When you’re young, you want action, you want excitement and to experience new things. What you get is boredom and frustration. You have a sense that shit’s going on somewhere and you aren’t a part of it. You can only vandalize so many mail boxes, you can only knock over so many trash cans.

Like most of my friends, I packed my bags and headed to Brooklyn as soon as I physically could. Good bye strip malls, good by chain restaurants. Hello dive bars, hello gastro pubs. Oh, and hello no parking. Hello junkies. Hello scary street people. Hello douchey hipsters. After a couple of years I started to realize the grass really was greener on the other side. Or at least the suburban side because my studio walk up doesn’t have grass. (Green or otherwise.) Or hot water most of the time. Or air conditioning.

I actually find myself going on what I call my “suburban bourgeoisie holiday” every so often. I go out to the suburbs, hang out at the mall, go eat at Applebees and then go watch a movie at the Megaplex. In the lines, I always hear bored kids complain and it makes smile.

Thanks Ceremony.

-Felicia Jackson

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