Warren-ted Anarchy

A Clock Work Carrot by Frank Kozik

Death by Party | A Clockwork Carrot By Frank Kozik 

The world is a scary place. Outside of the badinage and alcohol, we’re pretty accountable for the aftermathysphere we hide in, in the sea of evil we’ve all perpetrated, nay, perpetuated. You can always come home to a rabbit though, and all is well. A cute, cuddly lagomorph. Just be assured it doesn’t lead you down the wrong hole again. I feel that Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot may be a devil that rebukes his own sins in disguise. He knows what’s wrong in your life and wants to fix it.. with more debauchery. If you can avoord this piece of Crowley-k, please buy. It will mork-off any sins you may have done whilst in that state of ultra-violence… until the next time.. You svelte and tender hooligan.

-Robert Kijowski

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