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Converse Studded Platforms
Death by Party |Converse Studded Platforms

So, you have this friend. The friend you do everything with, that likes all the same things and that you know everything about. You are BEST friends. And then one day, casually, your friend starts talking about this new band that’s all the rage and you know nothing about it. And then suddenly your friend has these new friends that all like that band and they talk about it and discuss some album you’ve never heard of all the time and you’re all, “What the hell? How did you even have time to discover some cool new band without me knowing you were branching out into new shit?” And then it gets weird because your BEST friend’s new friends are definitely cooler than you and so you try to fit in but you say the wrong things and you downloaded that album they’re all obsessed with but you didn’t really get it and there you are trying to decide if you should just go along with the new, cool friends or maybe go find some other cool, new band that none of them have ever heard of and your own new, cool friends but deep down inside you know that you and your BEST friend are just never going to be the same…

…way to go Converse. We were tight. I knew everything about you and we understood each other. Now you’ve started hanging out with the cool kids who wear studs and platforms and I really want to love it and be cool enough to fit in with you and your new crowd but I just don’t know if we’ll ever be the same again.

-Courtney Shayne

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