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Death by Party | Goat Of Mendes Racerback Dress By Killstar

This Goat of Mendes Racerback Dress caught my eye the other day while I was girl-watching. When I girl-watch I don’t wear sunglasses. I like the direct eye contact. It makes me wonder what dark dungeon the raven-haired, pale-skinned beauty donning this dress was heading too in the middle of a sunny day. I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of Ouigi board in that bag of hers. If not, than at least there are stargazing trinkets that reveal primordial secrets of ancient societies. Or maybe she’s nothing more than an indie barista with a sense of class and intuition that the gothic tails on the side of the dress may as well be one of the hotter things you’ll see while gazing on a fine Spring day.

By Lou Cervantes

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