Welcome To The Future, Shits About To Get Weird

3D Human Doll Cloning from Japan

Death by Party | Japanese 3D Printing Human “Cloning” Dolls

People have been freaking out over the rise of 3D printing in this country because of the whole gun thing. (like  you need to buy a plastic manufacturing device to get a gun in the United States) But clearly there are other applications, and of course the Japanese are the ones to give it a totally cool- weird as shit turn.

Clone Factory Inc is using it’s 3D printers to create highly detailed ultra life like custom toys that look EXACTLY like the person (or animal) that they replicate. I stumbled across them on Danny Choo’s site, because the lucky fucker lives by the studios and got to witness the process first hand (I’m totally ganking his images)

This is going to be huge in the States, I mean, we are the ultimate narcissistic society. You can preserve perfect mini sculptures of you? This is every American’s dream.

But I see it going much farther. All roads lead to sex eventually and since Real Doll has perfected flawless synthetic fuck dolls, it’s only a matter of time before we will be able to fuck ourselves, literally.  Not into doing it with yourself? (liar) Imagine the possibilities, perfect replicas of pornstars, movie stars, politicians, ex-girlfriends, that neighbor with the restraining order on you, the priest who taught Sunday School when you were a kid… Welcome to the future, shit’s gonna get weird.

-Annette Garcia

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