Where’s My ‘Tote?

 Diego El Leon Toy by Mr Mitote

Death by Party | Hand Painted Custom “Diego El Leon” By Mr. Mitote

Face it.  We all wanna be the person chillin for nothing.  Life costs everything and by stating that it sounds horrible to people who haven’t had the chance to abuse it, fetish it, or work it.  Where’s your golden ounce-sized replica of a Crucifix; where’s your poor-grammar-ed dictated stories to people that were never even spoke in the language in which they were spoken?  Most wish to go down a new road that hasn’t been replaced by images of grief.  Mr. Mitote’s ‘Diego El Leon’ represents what most dream of as the nightmare of our glories.  There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be running to possess this toy’s concept and showing the world what ‘living the dream’ truly means.

By Lou Cervantes

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