Your Scene Sucks

Your Scene Sucks

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Your Scene Sucks made it’s rounds last winter, but we hadn’t launched Hangover Make Out yet. So fuck it. This shit’s brilliant.

You would have thought that with the real rise of social media, people would gain a greater sense of the world, and the number of people who exist in it. It would make sense that people would feel a sense of humility. But the opposite has occurred. People get a couple thousand followers on their Tumblr page and they are taste makers. People get a few hundred Twitter fans and they are world commentators. “I’m important, after all, 10 people click like every time I check in at the grocery store.”  The world ends at the edge of each individual social clique because inside that bubble, each person can fantasize that they are Andy Warhol. “I must be the center of the universe, people CARE that I just ate a bagel.”

Starting a small boot strap business has been exhausting because so many people I have dealt with have these blinders on; they all believe THEIR scene is the only scene. Doesn’t matter what that scene is, Crust Punks, Hipsters, Metal Dudes, Hippies. They are all convinced they, and their immediate circle, are the only people who exist.

Let me put it into perspective. I live in the city of Philadelphia. Lets say you are “important” in your scene here in Philly. (I’ve had many people tell me that they are) I mean, lets say you are the BiGGEST fish in your little pond. If you are REALLY, REALLY influential in that social clique, you may have the reach of 25 people who are really, really hanging on your every word. From there, maybe you are “known” by another 50 people who are excited to drop your name. From there, there are probably another 200 who passingly know who you are in real life and might even give a shit. Maybe on social media you have 1000+ followers. Wow, you’re IMPORTANT.

Philadelphia totals 1,500,000 million in it’s city limits. The Philadelphia metro area doubles that number to a little over 3,000,000. There are 313,000,000 million people in the United States. There are 7,000,000,000+ people alive in the world today.

So next time you run into a cool kid who acts like there should be a red rope between you and them, just remind them. Your Scene Sucks.

-R.E. Brown

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4 Responses to “Your Scene Sucks”

  1. Sam says:

    Stop stereotyping people.

  2. no name says:

    Dude, some of these are cool, but fuck Juggalos and fuck dirty crust punkx.

  3. whatever says:

    Fourty ways to say stupid hipster

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