Down With Knit Bombs, Up With Knit Meat

Stephanie Casper Knit Meat Art

Death by Party | Stephanie Casper Knit Meat

You know what I really love. Knitting. I know, it’s not that cool to love knitting, but it’s something I’m really into.  Knitting is a great meditative hobby. I can smoke a little, put in my head phones and just fade away into a fixated transitive groove. When I’m done, I’ve got shit to show for my time in the form of festive winter wear. No one I know goes without hats.

You know what I really hate? Knit bombs. I really, really hate knit bombs. I know it’s not that cool to hate knit bombs, but they’re something I’m really not into. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that textiles have to be functional, I just don’t want dogs pissing on my work. I think they’re dirty, gross and a waste of yarn.  Yes they look cool for a hot minute and you can find thousands of amazing knit bombs all over instagram. Hours of work, a great photo op and then it becomes more grimy, smelly city waste.

These knit meats by Seph Casper, on the other hand, I more than love. I’m super cala fragilistic extra fucking jealous that I did not think of this. Super dope, and CLEAN in their plastic wrap. Just don’t leave them out side or someone might  throw them in the garbage pile next to the knit bombed tree on the corner.

-Annette Garcia

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