Latch On

Suede folk shoe Collectin by Visvim

Death by Party | Suede Folk Shoe Collection By Visvim 

Latchkey isn’t for everybody.  You could keep your children at home with your loved one and have them creeping on peanut-covered graham crackers, silly putty frosted cupcakes, and pancake syrup popcorn while you relish over golf holes and hair-appointments.  You could even dress yourself in the collective flavors of the visvim Patrician Seude Folk Exclusives while your children learn how to appreciate scratch-off Monopoly and Bingo from a thrice-widowed toothless wench.   Even your wife can join in on all the fun while she gets lost believing in some yoga-pants wearing philosophy that begins and ends with the tattered high-school former black belt karate uniform of her born again instructor that happens to live in some stranger’s basement.  Even best yet you can dress your family up in these shoes and stage your own future rendition of a broken down off-Broadway play.  Just beware of non-metaphorical political references and exploitive freak-shows.

By Lou Cervantes

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