Paint It Pink

Unpainted ALAVAKA in white by Devil's Headquarters

Death by Party | Unpainted ALAVAKA In White By Devils Headquarters

I wanna breathe, breathe in the air when I see deities; yet popular culture still tells me I should paint them black, or red white and blue, or r-o-y-g-b-i-v, or turquoise, or when you see this piece by ALVAKA; Yoda-green.  But I choice to paint it Pink.  And while it’s not an inflatable balloon, it’s still the evil stepchild in the room.  The kind that gives your carnival-suited godson a reason to give away his caramels, the kind that tells you to eat slabs of bacon during the middle of your future ex-wife’s family Seder, and most certainly, the kind that reminds you that being an artist requires more than relinquishing Mickey Mouse’s Steamboat Willie’s laments in your call for help.  Paint it Dark Side, paint it Led Zeppelin IV, and if you’re creative enough, paint it Sgt. Pepper’s.  Yet if you don’t paint it at least you know that you can keep it on your mantle for anybody you know to create whatever their statement is they try to make relevant for the guests that enter your domain to follow.

By Lou Cervantes

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