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Centaraurican Centaur Fetish Art

Death by Party | Centaraurican Centaur Fetish Art

Frankly, I’m a little ashamed I didn’t know this was happening. I should have known. It’s too fantastic, too right, to not be happening. I have always had a soft spot form the more extreme realms of nerdom. The role-playing, Klingon learning, science fiction text accurate costuming…. These people exemplify a level of commitment and passion that I find awe inspiring. If you’re so cool with yourself and down to get down that you assemble in groups and write languages and reenact battles and willfully subject yourselves to widespread public scrutiny, then you’re the kind of people I want to be hanging out with. YOU are what the world needs more of. And while the rest of us lazy suckers are diddling ourselves to black guys and girls with huge tits, y’all are out there writing centaur erotica.

Like, novels worth of centaur erotica. You are penning transformation tales and submitting them to other enthusiasts. You are scouring the internet and creating a one stop shop location for other devotees.  You are scanning your pastel drawings and uploading them with the world! I bet that without looking all that hard I could find whole worlds of elven and hobbit and wizard and mermaid and goddamn troll smut stories. I always suspected those Dungeons and Dragons meet-ups turned X-rated pretty quickly- you guys are freaks! In the very best sense of the word!

So, Greg… can I call you Greg? Do you prefer Centaureg?  My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work and continue to love the love that dare not speak its name. I’ll be busy stepping my fetish game up…

-Emily Pitcher

Photos courtesy of http://centaurican.wordpress.com

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