Better To Butt Fuck A Cow

Chie Keef arrested for weed

Death by Party | Chief Keef Arrested For Weed

Sigh. In the world of hip hop, you kinda have to get busted. It’s just expected. A rapper with no rap sheet is like a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar or a hooker who doesn’t have aids. Who the wants to do business with you? Who wants to take you seriously? While I applaud the child rapper for collecting his bonafides, I’m a little disappointed that this, his third bust was a bullshit weed possession. Gun charge? Check. Getting sued for child support when you’re only 17 by a middle school mom? Oh hell yes. But Weed? Meh.

I mean for fucks sake, his name is KEEF. He has a blunt hanging from his face in every, single photo or video of him taken since he was six years old. Busting him for weed is about as hard for the Po Po as buying a doughnut. And really, he could do better with his cred building crimes. Yes he could sell some crack a la Biggie or get into gun fight a la Mr. Cent or stomp from night club to night club picking fights Chris Brown style. But really, the kid could be more creative.

Some Chief Keef arrest opportunity suggestions
-Burn down a laundromat
-Shit on your neighbors stoop
-Butt fuck a cow
-Call in a bomb threat.

Keef only has one more year as a minor, he shouldn’t be risking his street cred and squandering his get out of jail free cards with petty possession. PEACE.

-Kevin Dalton

Chie Keef arrested for weed

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