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Death Bunny Socks By Fuct

Death by Party | Death Bunny Socks By Fuct

Thank god bunny rabbits are not aggressive or else I’d never be able to walk around my parent’s backyard in peace. For years, thanks to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I thought an attack species of rabbits existed. Local zoos were my number one destination spots on my travels in hopes of finding one of these species. My parents would try to convince me otherwise but what young kid listens to his parents. It was the Eighties and I had an imagination. What can I say, I’m the gullible type. If these Fuct death bunny socks were around back then I’d probably think there was a species of rabbit that hangs out in cocktail lounges. Now I can go back to focusing on my other more current fears like turning into the girl from the Exorcist over night, getting bit by a vampire, or waking up in a tub full of ice with a message stating I have 4 hours to live if I don’t get to an organ transplant center.

By Lou Cervantes

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