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Jupiter Pendant By Adelina Mictlan

Death by Party | Jupiter Pendant By Adelina Mictlan 

I used to be Goth It was a lovely phase, full of old prom dresses, crimped hair, silver glitter dabbed on eyelids in a suggestion of tears, black lipstick and sad kid music. Ah! To be young and angry and have very little to do other than hang around Perkins in fishnet shirts drinking coffee and chain smoking Black Death cigarettes…. I wish I could tell you that age has cured me of my penchant for witchy clothing and my aversion to skin pigment but somewhere, not so deep inside, all these urges lie. Which means it’s nice to find pieces from Adelina Mictlan that hint and my tortured inner teenager but are done so beautifully as not to be over the top.

-Courtney Shayne


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