I Will Kill Him And Put His Corpse On My Bookself

Kid Momma's Boy Custom By Wigalicious

Death by Party | Kid Momma’s Boy Custom By Wigalicious

He is Kid Momma’s Boy.

He follows you around. His shoes scuff on every third step and each time the sound hits your nervous system like a jagged edge. His breathing is audible from everywhere in the office. Sometimes you just stare at him from across the room and try to identify where, exactly, the noise is coming from. Is it chronic allergies? A deviated septum? Dear god, is that his breath whistling around those teeth?? Fucking mouth breathers. You’ve never heard anything but a meaningless mumble from him and any time he stands awkwardly at the side of your desk you are overwhelmed by the smell of marshmallow and mildew. He’s giving you a headache and you are daydreaming about his grisly end.

-Courtney Shayne

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