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Lord Ultra Star Wars-Ultraman 14" Mashup by Abell Octovan

Death by Party | Lord Ultra Star Wars-Ultraman 14″ Mashup by Abell Octovan 

You come home from grade school and set down your metal Ultraman lunchbox. You’ve had a bad day. Lifting up in thin air an apple you were about to consume, you crush it. Your blood coagulates until choking is for supper with a braised side of hatred. A cadre of planes fly over your house, and for a second’s respite, you run to the window with childlike wonderment, envisaging those planes flanked by two huge impregnable windows affixed to their sides are seemingly flying to an aloft spherical buttress commandeered by you. In this state of perdition, your parents come rushing down the stairs in haste and though you want to telepathically stop them in their tracks, all you can muster is the Spacium Ray. Dinner is served.

-Robert Kijowski


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