You Are Likely To Be Eaten By A Grue

Death by Party | MC Frontalot – It Is Pitch Dark 

Sooooo, I had to Google what a Grue was. You can judge me if you must but serving drinks and being bitchy on the internet doesn’t really exercise my synapses. Excuse me if my vocabulary is waning here in my post-adolescent-drug-haze life space. At least I fucking looked it up. I mean, I looked it up on Wikipedia so it’s not like I put a ton of effort into it or even checked the search results for accuracy – I’ll admit I kind of phoned this one in- but at least I sort of, a little bit tried.

I actually have quite a bit of faith in Wikipedia, or rather; I have faith in the nerds that make that shit work. I operate on the premise that if someone cared enough to actually sit down and write an entire entry on a subject then they probably cared enough to get their facts straight. Sure there have got to be exceptions to that rule but I’m just the kind of girl who likes to play fast and loose with her internet information. I choose to believe that nerds would never lie to me like that.

That is probably why I’m so jazzed about the current culture of nerd worship that’s happening. Nerd has become everyone’s motif of choice and I’m proud to see my people bask in the spotlight while it lasts. I respect your nerd salute MC Frontalot, though it just makes me miss the grand master of satirical melodious parodies, Mr. Yankovic, all the more.

Oh yeah, I said it.

-Courtney Shaye



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