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Death by Party | Rhye—> The Fall

Driving around in a beat-up jalopy has very few perks. The front and rear are constantly getting dented, the mirrors are always getting side-swiped, and flat tires are about as common as the constant oil changes you need to keep a clunker on the road. I can’t even keep the rain out; two of my windows won’t go up all the way. My car is such a disaster it’s not even worth stealing. That’s why it’s fair to say my car is made for city-living.

Its one perk is plugging in my music to a radio station. I know this sounds 2008, but you can’t beat driving around listening to good tunes. The other day I was caught in a rainstorm with a tire low on air, sweating on a humid day because of a broken air conditioner, all while stuck in a Tacony traffic jam. Frustrated, I wanted to pull-over onto the shoulder and have a panic attack. Unfortunately there was no shoulder due to roadside construction and there wouldn’t be one for two and a half miles. In reality, I was stuck in the highway parking lot from hell and there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully my trusted phone could feel my frustration and streamed a little ditty called ‘The Fall’ by the duo Rhye on my static-y radio device. And in an instant, I fell in love with life all over again.

Everything slowly changed as this song progressed. The wretched humidity calmed itself into a cool breeze. Each car trapped frozen along with myself inside this traffic jam morphed into young beautiful couples lost in an eternal grace period, the emptiness in the desolate passenger seat that lie open beside myself dawned the image of the most colorful smile only a master Impressionist could mimic in a painting, and all the city slums around me turned into beautiful classic wheat fields. I could feel a bottle of the sweetest wine hit my lips while some of the world’s finest cheeses wait to be sampled by true love and I. The only thing missing from this dream is Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse, and the beloved Vincent van Gogh waving down at all of us from a hot air balloon. Maybe I’ll get that next time I have the luxury of getting stuck in a traffic jam with Rhye’s soothing sounds to ease me through even the most treacherous moments.

-Lou Cervantes


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