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Street Art by Roadsworth

Death by Party | Roadsworth Street Art

Art colors our world.  It’s the LSD without the bugout, it turns fat women into sex symbols, it heals without administering any medication, it challenges the mind but never questions it, and it is something that every human being possesses inside of them.  In some respect it is the joy in life.  That all being said, we should all take a day to thank those that express this joy in life and promote it to others a little more than everybody else.  If I had to thank one person I would thank my mom.

My mom loves to paint.  She paints practically every day and she doesn’t care if she never sells a painting because she does it for the love.  Even though she never went to college she always promoted her children to pursue higher education and specifically take some type of creative class.  In some ways her influence has directly influenced several of her six children to pursue a higher appreciation for these gifts that we all have inside of us.  My one brother, for instance, is a local musician and yours truly likes to paint his thoughts in the shape of words on blank canvases day-in and day-out.  As her children have become adults (and corrupted by the world) she has learned to broaden her own horizons and take a different view on a lot of the more cutting edge stuff that is out there.  One great example is the fact that she actually reads this website and enjoys discovering a lot of the art that is covered on this site.  Art that even I admit can sometimes be a little extreme.

The Roadsworth street art series is something that I can feel comfortable showing my mom.  It reminds me of my years growing up where she would give us chalk and have us ‘paint’ the pavement of our driveway.  And even if we used the chalk to put together a game of hopscotch she would still find something beautiful in it.  We even used to have a wall that we could color on.  That same wall is still tagged by my niece and nephews in hopes that one day these younger ones may pick up a paint brush, a pen, or an instrument.  Nevertheless, as they age her saying (make art not war) will become more relevant as they get ready to go out and face the world.  And if this inspiration suits these younger generations right maybe we’ll see more images like the those of this Roadsworth series and less images like those of unnecessary destruction caused by countries at war.

By Lou Cervantes

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