These Are The Droids You Are Looking For

Star Wars leggings by Black Milk Clothing

Death by Party | Star Wars Leggings By Black Milk Clothing

I think we’ve all been waiting for someone, somewhere, to get off their ass and design an entire line of Star Wars apparel. Thank god Black Milk Clothing has stepped up to the plate and debuted the first pieces of their Star Wars collection. In case you haven’t heard, nerds are the new asshole and trendy girls everywhere are desperate to land a geek of their own. As a card carrying nerdophile myself, I have long been searching for new ways to attract the sci-fi crowd and coming up short with a lame selection of ill-fitting graphic tees and licensed back packs and such. I mean, I can only get away with wearing my gold bikini so often and these leggings are exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

-Courtney Shayne

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