I Will Not Take Off These Shoes


Death by Party | Tan And Burgandy Lockstock Sneakers By Walsh

Crowbars to the face feel better than stolen wallets with half-full credit card limits lost on a mid-day binge.  I hit the burglar but I failed to subdue him.  Frankly I wish it was a girl; no hitting rather more of me staring her in the eyes and professing some sort of intention to seduce her.  Luckily the blood spilt but didn’t splash; sparing my Walsh Lostock’s ‘Burgundy/Tan/Silvers.’  It’d be a bummer to go shopping for new shoes only to ruin them at first fit.  Who needs a stranger’s blood to emulate a woman’s love?  At least now, maybe, the world may finally realize that any gung-ho man yearns to walk the same mile of any rival’s dreamt implication.

By Lou Cervantes

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