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80's Cartoons As Hipsters By Fab Ciraolo

Death by Party | 80’s Cartoons As Hipsters By Fab Ciraolo

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

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red+yellowLALA  heyyyy gurl, I miss you.

red+yellowLALA  did you get my letter?

red+yellowLALA  I told my parents I want to transfer to art school with you and they totally flipped out

red+yellowLALA  they’re such fucking assholes

red+yellowLALA  Christian college is killing me. They just don’t get it. I can’t be here.

red+yellowLALA  they can’t make me stay here. I’m fucking transferring.

red+yellowLALA  did you get the package I sent? I worked on that collage of us for, like, weeks.

red+yellowLALA  that’s my real hair. I thought you’d like to have a piece of me, yanno, with you.

red+yellowLALA  I still have your underwear. From that party over spring break.

red+yellowLALA  I know you were drunk but I felt us connect that night. I felt our souls, like, join.

red+yellowLALA  I went out and bought the exact same outfit you were wearing that day and I dress up like you in front of my mirror. That’s how much I miss you.

red+yellowLALA  hello?

red+yellowLALA  Brite???

red+yellowLALA  why won’t you answer me? Your roommate says you’re always gone and I’ve made sure to call at ALL times of day so I can catch you?

red+yellowLALA  Brite?!? Please…..I need you….

red+yellowLALA  Fine! Fuck you. I’m not just going to sit around and wait for you. God says it’s wrong to love another woman anyway and you’re probably fucking everything that even looks at you at art school anyway.

red+yellowLALA  I hate you! I am never sending you my art again!!! DIE!!!!

xRiotBritex has logged out

red+yellowLALA  I love you…..


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