Jesus Christ, Where You On Speed When You Made That?

Breaking Bad Lego Meth Lab

Death by Party |Breaking Bad Lego Meth Lab

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

In honor of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad coming out, I am posting pics of this epic lego diorama of the Gus Fring’s super lab. These pics made the web rounds last year, but I felt like it was just too perfect not to bring back.

Lego has really turned into a grown up art form. Considering how maticulous and time consuming some of these projects are, I often suspect the people doing it are on speed. It’s that or they don’t have a life. But then again, most tweekers don’t have a life either. I guess being a Leggo tweeker would be the worst of both worlds. All though it’s pretty nice for the people who get to check out the results. Meth is such a gross drug. It just eats the user alive.

I know I’m really rambling on. I’m really stoned right now and I’m having a hard time focusing on anything. Think I’ll order a pizza and watch some Breaking Bad reruns On Demand.

-Annette Garcia

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