Death by Party | Devein -The Vein/Magma 

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

I dream just like this. It’s how my brain reconciles fantasy, imagery, sound and pain. My memories never playback in complete stories but in pieces jammed next to each other, making no sense except to be understood completely when they take over. I can never explain it or describe them later. There has been a total breakdown in my life between how I think and what can be communicated verbally.

And so, when The Vein ‘Magma’ happens, something in my brain goes crazy and I rethink my whole life and why I ever resisted the visual arts. I know words well enough and intimately enough to know that there are plenty of things that words can’t talk about but that every brain can recognize on impact.

So I’ll shut up already. Watch it again.

-Tricky Pitcher

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