Not Mud Puddle Friendly

No Limit Women's Flat By Christian Louboutin

Death by Party | No Limit Women’s Flat By Christian Louboutin

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

Help me out here- when people buy shoes like this, do they actually wear them?? I completely understand a Louboutin as an art piece- they are beautiful.  These No Limit python beauties are exceptional- but is someone out there paying this much money for a shoe and then putting them on their feet? My feet sweat. They do. I’m sorry. My feet sweat and that sweat soaks into my shoes and I don’t mind so much when it’s a boring, cheapo, throw away Target special but I think I might die a little every second that I allowed my piggies to saturate a piece of art. Also? The ground is dirty, yo. We basically wear shoes to protect our feet from all the nasty shit that’s on the ground. What am I supposed to do when the value of my footwear eclipses the value of my feet??

-Courtney Shayne

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