With Our Powers Combined.. We Are A Captive Planet

Mutant Heros And Villains Sculptures By Takahiro Komuro

Death by Party | Mutant Heros And Villains By Takahiro Komuro 

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Last I checked and balanced my options for bouncing on this mortal coil, I was doing good in life. That do-gooding poisoned the ‘well’, if you get my grammatical drift. This was about a week ago, and though I thought my just being convivial and ruling was bettering the world, little did I know this was perpetuating the universal blind eye to what was actually transpiring around me. We, as a species, are commiserating with the likes of our surroundings. Supplant the literal for the political, the pretense for the dispense and the castigation for the imagination. What have you left with? The reminder and our remainder is the sculptural opining of Takahiro Kumoro that not only elegantly shows us the err of our ways, but also brusquely brings to light what we perpetuate and attenuate every day whilst we walk and talk.

Though we may at times be assiduous in leaving not a trace behind, Tmok’s works show us quite colorfully there may exist pockmarks. May I present to you his ‘Doublethink’ statue in its resplendent state? What if wrong was right and right was wrong? May I present to you his Cyber-Girl, which maybe both our heroine and inversely our villain? May I present to you his Atomic Bowels series, which illustrates our planet’s anthropomorphized expulsion. Kumoro’s life sized depictions incite cogitation of the nadir modern society fears to face, and yet, they seem playful enough to be candy coated with a veneer of approachability. This facilitates open discourse through the terrifying medium of artistry. Our carbon footprint may possess more in common with the awesome arched-enemies of my nascent Saturday morning cartooned youth than we may ever fully grasp.

Concluding with a more intimate touch, in those very same aforementioned years, I had but three fears to this one spinning world. Primary was positioned in flagrante delicto. The was in regards to when I first discovered my penis could be a pendulous organ of pleasure. Secondary was sensationalized violence would come to my doorstep, and if such was the case, would I be ready for it? This was in regards to being pinioned to the news an inordinate amount of time. Tertiary was tethered to death and loss. This was in regards to losing my first dog and realizing that memories may someday fade. I don’t believe in tabula rasa, and thusly, though I’ve tried to wipe away iniquities throughout life, I know they exist- vestigial lines of a past I’d hoped to conquer. I must make the admission though- they will assuredly make some substantive fucking future ‘figures’ of speech.

-Robert Kijowski

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