Thumb Down, Fingers Up- That’s The Way I Like To Rock

Rock Hand Custom Limited Edition Dunny by Charles Rodriguez

Death by Party | Rock Hand Custom Limited Edition Dunny By Charles Rodriguez 

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

Outside of the middle finger, which employs the use of a solitary digit and the peace sign which utilizes two, exists but one other phalanges-based signal that grants thee access to the triumvirate of sex, drugs, and great fucking music. This three fingered salute has the Trigger Finger and the Pinky standing at post whilst the Opposable One locks shit down. Its bad-assery is so unfettered, it’s not only used for incantations and gestural apotropaia alike, but also makes my latter statement read like a heist film. It was the SOLE password to P-Funk’s Mothership. It is, however, the Goodship Sabbath that we all know and love it for. Though it be widely accredited to this day to the late, venerable Ronnie James Dio, an erstwhile member of Black Sabbath, there is a picture of the inimitable Terry ‘Geezer’ Butler throwing up the horns back in 1971 (a full eight years before Dio joined the band.) Regardless of its progenitor in music, undeniable is Charles Rodriguez for being the proud-poppa of one of the most cleverly designed vinyl Dunnies I’d ever laid eyes upon- the Rock Hand. Perhaps Terrence Maloik could be inspired to make a film about its metallic properties. For all of my music/film nerds out there, I’m glad that joke fell on deaf ears.

-Robert Kijowski

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