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Temper Tot by Ron English

Death by Party | Temper Tot By Ron English

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The colloquial ‘Terrible Twos’ are an inevitable stage in life. This discounts all of you naysayers that declaim your disdain for parents, whether separated or conjunctive, that have a hellhound on their hands. No matter how well behaved, he or she will invariably be a dick starting their 24th month on this earth. The second iteration is marked with temper tantrums.. thooose are a biggie. These twice over year olds struggle betwixt a reliance on you and a mad autonomy tantamount to teething (painful but necessary propensity.) If their ‘NO!’ is met with an opposing view, aghast be you on the receptive end of such. We, as simpleton bipeds may say they ‘Hulk Smash,’ but in their creative and pliable wisdom interpret the act as an underscored ‘Rage All Want Justice NOW!’ until ending up in a state of ‘What happened?’ Thanks to Ron English’s ‘Temper Tot’, the prequel (nee second) to his first ‘The Incredulous HulkBoy’ series, we’ve a better understanding of the intellect behind the fontanelle that will indelibly shape our future and what unbridled havoc the next Ang Lee failure may bring.

Addendum: If you’re a parent of one of these HULK-a-maniacs, may I grant you towards another bit of Ron English’s awesome endeavors, courtesy of his largesse:

-Robert Kijowski

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