How You Gonna Love Someone If You Don’t Love Yourself?

Wiki leaker Chelsea Manning is now Transgender

Death by Party | Ladies And Gentlemen, I Introduce To You: ‘Chelsea’ Manning

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Bradley Manning received a harsh sentence yesterday for leaking classified government information but what the world really cares about is that as of this morning Bradley Manning as we know of him no longer exists.  He is dead to us and to himself.  From here on out the disgraced soldier will now be recognized as a female that goes by the name ‘Chelsea.’  Now for anybody that knows me, they know I’m pro more women existing in this world so I’m the last to complain or find it odd that a man wants to go thru years of hormone therapy, psychological evaluations, and eventually sexual re-assignment surgery to become a full-fledged woman.  All it does (in my mind) is add to the pot and up the chances that an everyday reject like myself may find love.  And while many may look at this situation as drastic I want to stress that the decision to become ‘Chelsea’ is more normal than most people would think.

We live in a world where everyone is constantly trying to change pieces of themselves that they hate.  In Bradley’s case albeit the most extreme he just woke up one day and realized he didn’t want to be ‘him’ period.  Take it from me for example, the Crown Prince of Self-Deprecation, I hate being the type of guy that women don’t want to sleep with coupled with also being the guy women don’t want to marry.  And for all those that complain about their love lives my only statement to them is to try not having one.  That’s part of the reason I write.  It’s my own alter-ego.  As long as I’m not hurting anybody it’s a positive way to release my frustrations and it helps with anxiety issues that I have as a result of these frustrations.

Life, in general, is dealing with constant change.  Shows like The Biggest Loser showcase people who go through groundbreaking transformations to be more attractive to society and most importantly to be (or at least appear) healthier all while Americans go ape-shit.  Self-help gurus like Tony Robbins has made millions guiding us to manage our time better and have a more positive attitude as if we actually listen to him.  The King of All Media Howard Stern has made a career preaching about his inadequacies even the Queen of Being Different herself Ms. Lady Gaga has stripped down in public recently in lieu of changing her flamboyant image preceding the release of her next project.  You can’t help to speculate Manning hated who he was every time he looked in the mirror when you see all the examples everywhere you turn.  Whether you’ll be upping your cc’s for your next breast implants, taking a cycle of d-balls to bulk up, or hiring a style coach you’ve got my word that the will to change is more than normal, the will to change is life.  However it is also a challenge because most of the time when you break someone down you find out that buried deep, in the end, most people never really change.

By Lou Cervantes

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