Beautiful Barbarian

Aries Heel By Masaya Kushino

Death by Party | Aries Heel By Masaya Kushino

I have a close friend- a real stand up guy, who had his portrait painted a few years ago.  It’s pretty amazing.  As portraits go, one of the best I’ve ever seen.  The artist portrayed him sort of as a post Paleolithic warrior.  Axe in hand, standing majestically on the top of a mountain, having certainly conquered something triumphant.  There’s a hot brunette wrapped around his legs like a sirenesque boa constrictor with a face like Raquel Welch in that movie One Million Years BC.  His long locks flow behind him like a swath of auburn silk and the twinkle in his eye tells you exactly what he’s gonna do to this particular specimen of woman when they get back to the cave. If, that is, he can figure out how to get around that tail.  If that brunette wore shoes, this would be the pair.

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-Helen Harper

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