25 Amazing Breaking Bad Fan Arts

Breaking Bad Fan Art

Death by Party | Best show ever

Break bad? I’d be lucky if I could break even in Vegas predicting the outcome of this show.

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a betting man. I’m always making bets with my life from the moment I get out of bed everyday. In the realm of sports rarely does a big game go by without the temptation of putting some money on it. I even bet on tangible things like where I bought my house and where I’d put my money if I could actually do something with it. Most people would question these risky antics, some would even suggest that it’s a problem, however I win 6.37 out of every 10 bets. This makes my all-time average: .637! Ted Williams eat your heart out. If I was a Big Leaguer I’d be the greatest of all-time; a ladies man, a Don Juan. Unfortunately I’m just an ordinary guy with an odd sense of motivation.

Which brings me to the number one thing I’ve thankfully tried to stay out of in this financial motivation department; betting on what will happen next in this final season of the groundbreaking show: Breaking Bad. Now, truth be known, not your typical mom-and-pop shop American is out there in Vegas placing bets on a TV show. But let it be known that we live in a world where we can bet on anything. I’ve seen people bet on baby’s due dates, old people’s day of death, and nominal frequencies which agitate your atypical human day like how many drinks it will take tonight before your drinking buddy starts cursing everybody out. With an over-under involved you can practically manipulate any world nuance with the ebb and flow of money. Breaking Bad’s been no exception to this, in honest water cooler conversations alone I’m sure the plot scenario has been replayed in the personal opinions of people molded through all shapes and sizes and if there’s one thing I can guarantee is that 99.9 % of them (because nothing is ever perfect) have been wrong. I’d even be surprised if the writers even know where the plot is actually going most of the time, especially a show with this many turns.

As we head into the final two episodes the only thing I’m thankful for is officially being over what deceptive twists the Breaking Bad writers have in store for me. At this point I just want to sit back and enjoy my popcorn. I’m also happy about the fact that I haven’t yielded into my hobby and attempted to lay a bet down in Vegas on this television show. Come to think about it, I don’t recall ever laying down a bet on a TV show. While there’s always a first for everything I’ll let this show finish the way it deserves too, like the fine aged bottle of wine it is, a nectar that gets more and more savoring as it heads to its last drop. As it comes to an end I’m certain about one thing I wish I could bet on, that the series will go down as one of the greatest television shows of all-time.

By Lou Cervantes

Photos courtesy of http://fuckyeahbreakingbad.tumblr.com

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