That’s Quite The Big Censor Bar

Death by Party | DMX Streaking Tape- Please Pay Attention To Me

Do you think some “celebrities” (and I use that term ever so loosely) pay to increase the size of the blackout box on nudie pictures? Like, for instance, DMX’s PR rep called TMZ and offered up the streaking footage but only if they agree to use a pre- approved wang cover… or is no one’s favorite rapper just another victim of racial profiling?

Oh DMX! Streaking?? In Detroit? Is this what you have left in you? What happened to trashing rooms and starting fires and beating hookers? THAT is what we the people want to read about. Where are all your backstage bitches and obscene piles of blow? Am I really supposed to respect you as a thug when all the mayhem you can muster up in Detroit, of all places, is you running naked through some hotel hallway? Thus far, I am led to believe that these hijinks didn’t even end in an arrest- are you feeling okay?

-Tricky Pitcher

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