Judging A Crook By Its Cover

Herr Nelson street art

Death by Party | Herr Nilsson’s “Dangerous” Street Art Series

Sans pretense and semblance of irony, I am proud to reveal that I grew up a child of Disney and old school fairytales. It seems to be en vogue in this day for artists to lampoon the majesty of Walt’s outputs, but for this unheralded and unsolicited ireful ilk, I pose a query. Ye born of contempt for the company’s vision attenuating such literary touchstones as the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault for mass appeal, I ask; “Were you ever goaded towards but a foot over that vengeful precipice?” Street artist Herr Nilsson orders and provides the perfect modern ramparts for which these antiquated damsels in distress not only crave along with you detractors in his Dangerous art series for which they/you will never get: blood from stone.

We will first open on Snow White whom ostensibly cannot rid her mouth of the acrid taste of the term ‘stepmother.’ So as not to rehash what we already know, she now moonlights as a robber on high, ready to run the pockets of any familial bastard that may cross her path, proving that being the fairest of them all doesn’t mean you’ve to always play that way. We then move onto Aurora, whose one persona non grata has left her voracious for revenge on any future haters, proving that kissing the end of something, namely a shotgun may actually never wake you up. Lastly, we have Cinderella. She is but the most formidably dangerous, for unlike the other two Princesses, she never had the luxury of an elongated slumber amidst the disquietude. This anger is most represented in the dispatching tool of choice. The fashion in which she wields the blade nearly makes it more a scintillating extension of a fleshy appendage than any fucking glass slipper.

Watching the lives of these Princesses being played out through cellular animation during my formative years left an indelible impression. However masterfully produced, I was never amenable to a few tropes of ubiquity that give Disney’s distaff dramas their signature sheen. One caveat was that the titular characters were always saved by their future beau’s. Raised by a single mother, I was and still adhere to the belief that women can execute anything men can with just as much brio. My second girded reservation continues to serve as an irksome issue. I never considered myself a disenfranchised child, but the whole ‘lived happily ever after’ left me more miffed than chuffed more oft than not. I’d find it pretty implausible and perpetuating the staid, uninspired ending because life invariably goes on. Thankfully for artists like Herr Nilsson, the plot only thickens, and what’s thicker than thieves?

-Robert Kijowski


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