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The Illustrations Of Josh Ln

Death by Party | The Illustrations Of Josh Ln

We’re all familiar with the classic ditty “Dem Dry Bones,” as it may have very well been our very first foray into realizing the anatomy. Its dissemination of misinformation be damned, for it was fun and promoted exploration, opening up a whole new world of lawful imagination. The same holds true to science fiction. Though rooted in veracity and self-realization, it’s still flawed on its very best day. This defection we care not of, as it promotes exploration into the unknown and is fucking awesome, even fettered by the rules set by the creator(s). Set- ‘set’ is a funny word though, as Josh Ln’s imagination on his Skeletal Ship Series allows us all into sci-fi’s hidden rule of breaking apart the structure set by years of canonization… resetting its bones, in order to allow them to grow further.

To proclaim these amazing pieces are a boon on the makeup of nerdom is a travesty, because the understatement is too overwrought. A major vassal on the actual outlines proper of the vessels, the internal composition of these ‘ships’ are capacious enough to prompt us to rethink the tectonic makeup of these giants of justice, and map out what they ought be. There is more than empiric evidence to show that bones are actually stronger than steel, if but the structure’s whole conforms with the adversity.. and what are ships of the unknown if not carefully pieced marrow filled works of beauty connected to one another organically by the febrile imagination? The Millenium Falcon’s iconic redesign was inspired by a hamburger with an olive as a side. We’ll consider this the head of Lane’s body of art. The Serenity, conceptualized as a bird/firefly hybrid serve as the spine/torso for two so-reasons; it has been referred to by some to the oft spoken of Falcon and has appeared in the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. This is precisely why the Viper Mark II will function as the right arm. Originally inspired by old fighter planes, the Vipers have come a long way since the MKII- so this one goes out to you, DRADIS. The TARDIS, on the other hand… is literally the other arm, coming out of left feel-d as its complementary flank. Though inspired by old police boxes in Britain, the spatiotemporal/coverture properties and deceptively diminutive size affirm this as a ship in its own right. Since every corpus needs a strong foundation with hearty and ambulatory stems for it to go anywhere, may I present to you the last piece picked in this game of Operation: the USS Enterprise. Along with its antipodal sister, the Millenium Falcon, this too was conceived by something equally innocuous: an electric stove coil. Such will be presented as the legs, which made it possible for all aforementioned ships to hotly go where no man has gone before. Talk about Fleet-feat!

To say that Josh Ln sublimates these established vehicles, sentient in their own right not only reeks of pomposity but also robs these pieces of their purpose. Along with the ‘ Dem Bones’ song, anatomical inaccuracy ought be damned, as these are meant for looking at the black and white world of anatomy with an X-rayed touch of Grey. When I was a kid, I was told at Boyscout camp that you can view in the dark the bones of your hand by merely shining a flashlight under your flesh. It worked. I had no idea what the hell proximal, intermediate and distal phalanges were, nor do I care to this day. To me, they will always exist whatever my imagination wants them to be. For all we know, our first four articulations could contain the Serenity, Viper Mark II, and TARDIS whilst our thumb is scientifictionally comprised of the Millenium Falcon and the Enterprise.

-Robert Kijowski

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