Do You Really Think She Wouldn’t Take The Chance To Flip Off The Super Bowl?

M.I.A. sued by NFL

Death by Party | M.I.A Getting Sued By NFL For Obsenity 

So apparently M.I.A has been secretly entangled in a lawsuit by the NFL for flipping off the audience at the Super bowl last year when she and Nicki Manaj appeared on stage with Madonna. The NFL says she was lewd and debasing their wholesome image.

This just bogles my mind. First off, I don’t know about you, but when I think of football, I don’t think of wholesome. I think of bullying, aids jokes and date rape. I think of steroids, dog fights and black leather gloves that don’t fit. I think of gambling, drinking and large men giving each other permanent concussions for the entertainment of others. That’s just the players.

What about the millions of fat, sloppy, arm chair fans, sitting at home stuffing their wing sauce covered faces with seven layer dip? Do you really think they were offended when M.I.A gave the bird? They didn’t even notice. You know what they were thinking? “Who’s that hot Mexican on stage with the old lady?” and “We’re almost out of Bud Lite, better go now.”

How did the NFL book M.I.A., considering her political views and NOT see this coming? They allowed her on the stage of the greatest symbol of American excess and then reacted in horror when she took her shot. This is like booking Ted Nugent at a PETA rally and then wondering how it all went wrong.

-Annette Garcia

M.I.A. sued by NFL


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