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Miss Molly Tee by Civil Clothing

Death by Party | Miss Molly Tee By Civil Clothing 

On a molecular level, we all naturally gird serotonin inside. It’s one of the chief provocateurs behind boudoir doors, in hollow hallways, on empty elevators, and most assuredly in an abandoned airplane bathrooms. These are all (mostly) private instances. Where the real joie de vivre lies in is plain-view affection. Ecstasy pills can pullulate that sense of adventure from us (just remember to keep VERY hydrated.) However, greedy gougers then have devised a highly caustic, snortable mix of alleged pure MDMA and nitrogen, hawking it legally as plant food named Molly and selling it to misguided miscreants. This is where Civil Clothing’s ‘Molly Muscle Top’ enters the picture. Surveying the design, I initially wrote it off as ignorant nomenclature just to move product (sound familiar?) Amid my audible ‘pffft’, I noticed this was not such the case. I won’t explain the message nor will I pontificate. I will say, as a whole, the concept of this tank is fucking great. As for sex appeal, only fifty percent of it works. Use your grey matter to figure out why this stunning shirt is so well READ.

-Robert Kijowski

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