It’s All Good…I’d Be A Model In The 1600’s

Randall Scott's Unadorned Photo Series

Death by Party | Randall Scott’s Unadorned Photo Series

This past summer I felt really good about myself. First off, I got away with wearing v-neck Fruit of the Loom t-shirts wherever I went and I only had to wash my jeans once. At the beach I didn’t get chastised for wearing running shorts and while cruising through the city nobody criticized me for wearing board shorts. My shades served as a headband for my hair whenever it got wavy and I even perfected the art of running around barefoot. You could say that in the world of presenting yourself to the human race I’ve had it pretty easy, until the first day of autumn arrives.

The first days of fall and the first days of spring are days of contemplation. When the spring arrives you anticipate the summer and how you can change. They are days of hope, the frost is gone and the constant sunshine is on its way. Not as much can be said for the first days of Fall, unless you’re content with facing another long cold winter. That is, of course, if you’re alone like myself. Ready to freeze into time and be forgotten until the sun comes back out. The only thing good about my winters is that at least the city streets around me become safer.

Which brings me to my own contemplative goals. I face the days of darkness wanting to come out looking and feeling much better than I feel going in. And I want it to be natural. No more feelings of degradation and emptiness, and better yet, no more no mores. When I see this Unadorned photo series by Randall Scott featuring Julia-Fullerton Batten, I feel a little better about myself. It makes me know that as neglected as I may be, if I lived in the 1600’s at least I’d be a sex-symbol. That alone is all I need to help aid a dying summer dream on the coldest, loneliest winter nights.

By Lou Cervantes


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