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SSUR Rebel Ape Bust

Death by Party | SSUR Rebel Ape Bust by 3DRetro

The mid-90s seemed so 20 years ago. Most of its apparel existed uninspired in order to assuage plenty people to mix and match without a modicum of irony. Then Russ Karablin arrived on the scene in 1994 along with his SSUR brand. Begotten by his vision was the now famous Rebel Ape. The consummation of both fiction and non-fiction for the invocation of discourse is precisely why this graphic still remains iconic decades later. In this day and age of overwrought onanistic irony (you dicks will just be burned if you pull too hard for a response), Russ’ visual vestige of honest simplicity is breathed in new life by collaborating with 3DRetro. The resplendent rotocast is limited worldwide to a paltry 100 pieces, a clever move sure to incite what the message had always been: upheaval and unbridled anarchy.

-Robert Kijowski

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